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School uniforms promote a sense of unity and equality among students, fostering a focused and inclusive learning environment.

Classes KG To XII

All students are expected to be in the prescribed uniform everyday unless informed otherwise.

This policy applies during school hours, in the school bus and during school activities conducted outside of school hours as applicable.

P.E. uniforms (Class 1 - 12) to be worn on Wednesdays and on days the child has P.E and Yoga class. School will inform if P.E. uniforms are to be worn on any other occasion.

Formal black belt is recommended.

Black shoes (with no other colour combinations) with navy blue socks should be worn on all days. Sports shoes can be worn only during P.E. sessions and should be changed to black shoes immediately after the session.

Neat and well-ironed uniforms and shirts tucked in.

Boys must maintain a short hair cut neatly combed and properly shaven beard.

Girls with long hair should tie in two plaits with black hair band.

In uniform, every student is expected to behave well in school as well as outside the school campus.


For both boys and girls, pants should not be fitted nor short. Low waist or body hugging pants not allowed. Length of the pants to be on the ankle or right below the ankle.

Shirts - Boys

Shoud be long enough to be neatly tucked in. Slim fit or body hugging shirts not allowed.

Shirts - Girls

Slim fit or body hugging shirts not allowed. Shirls will not be inserted. The length of the shirts to be below the hip.


Std. I to Std. XII Term I - Black Sandals (Rainy Wear)

II Term onwards - Black Shoes & Black Socks (Buckle shoes for girls)

No fancy footwear will be permitted.

Boys are not allowed to wear pointed shoes to school.

Students who do not come in the prescribed school uniform shall not be allowed to board the school bus or enter the class.