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+91 9061 983750

Our school management team plays a crucial role in ensuring the effective operation and continuous improvement of Rajashree School.

Mrs. Lakshmi Bhasi Managing Trustee
Mr. Sanju Tharappel Trust Member
Mrs. Maryann Tomy Trust Member
Mrs. Ann Cherian Manager - Coordinator, Rajashree S. M. M. School
Mr. Krishnakumar C S Principal , Rajashree S M M School
Mrs. Nisha S Maveli Vice Principal , Rajashree S M M School
Mr. Biswas Ramankutty Parent Member
Mr. Davood C M Parent Member
Mrs. Dhanya Dinesh Parent Member
Mrs. Rekha R Prabhu Parent Member
Mrs. Remya Bejoy Parent Member
Mr. Renjithkumar Parent Member
Mr. Sajeev N N Parent Member
Mr. Sananth H Menon Parent Member
Mrs. Seema Renjit Parent Member