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The school rules are designed to create a safe and respectful learning environment where every student has the opportunity to thrive academically and socially.

The School Assembly

The morning session for standards I to XlI begins at 8.30 am with the assembly, in which all students and staff members are expected to join. During the assembly the students have to observe proper decorum and solemnity befitting the occasion.

Students are to reach school latest by 8.15 am after which gates will be closed. Parents dropping the students should leave the school premises after dropping them near the gate.

The students of Rajashree School are expected to address all members of the staff with due respect and politeness. Students should be polite and courteous and greet teachers, elders and guests.

School Diary

Diary should be brought to school every day. Instructions given in the diary should promptly and properly be followed. The diary should not be used as a rough book and pages not to be torn off.

Appointments with teachers should be sought only through school diary by giving a written request at least a day prior.

Costly / gold or fancy ornaments should not be worn and expensive / fancy articles should not be brought to the school.

Parents /attendants should not stay inside the campus during school hours.

Any change in the address, telephone number etc. should be promptly intimated in order to update the student data.

Books should be neatly covered and labelled. All belongings including sandals, shoes, pencil boxes, water bottles, umbrella etc. should be labelled.

Children suffering from infectious diseases should be sent to the school only after complete healing and only with a proper medical certificate.

Children and escorts should report at the assigned bus stops well on time.

Children will not be allowed to be taken out during school hours.

Campus Language

The medium of instruction is English. The school recommends the children and the teachers to use English as the Campus language. We believe, this will train them for the future.


Students must maintain 85% attendance in school. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or any other poor conduct injurious to the tone of the school is sufficient reason for dismissal of a student.

A leave letter addressing the class teacher must be submitted if a child is absent for more than 3 days. In case of a long term illness, a medical certificate is to be submitted along with the letter of absence addressed to the Principal on the return of the pupil. No leave of absence will be given without a previous written application from the parents.

No pupil may leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal and the required gate pass, which is to be collected from the school office.

Parents or guardians are not allowed to see their children or meet teachers during school hours without the permission of the Principal and without a previous appointment as the members of the staff may not leave the classroom during a teaching period.

Any damage to school property must be compensated for at the cost of the offender.

Visiting restaurants, shopping malls and theatres in school uniform is strictly forbidden, so is loitering around outside the school after school hours.

Parents are requested not to call the teaching staff after school hours. You can contact the school office or use the email given by the teacher.


The uniform cloth should be of the prescribed shade and the uniform of the prescribed pattern only.

On Wednesdays students should wear the House colour t-shirt along with the prescribed school sports pants.

Footwear (LKG to Std. XIl)

Term – I - Black Sandals (Rain Wear)

Term – II - Black Shoes & Navy Blue Socks

No fancy footwear will be permitted. Boys are not allowed to wear pointed shoes to school.

Students who do not come in the prescribed school uniform shall not be allowed to board the school bus or enter the class.

Students are strictly forbidden to make any deviation from the prescribed school uniform.

The management reserves for itself the right to take disciplinary action against the students who fail to follow the rules regarding school uniform or footwear.

Holistic Development
At Rajashree SMM School, we firmly believe that each and every child has their own distinct set of abilities just waiting to be uncovered. In order to tap into their complete potential, we provide a wide variety of clubs and extracurricular activities in our curriculum.

Science Club Dive into the world of science through hands-on experiments and observations.

Nature and Energy Conservation Club Develop environmental awareness and a commitment to ecological balance.

Social Service Club Cultivate a spirit of selfless service, sacrifice, and community engagement.

English Literary Club A rendezvous of English language and literature lovers, inculcating a fondness for the language among students where they feel free to read, write, speak, think and explore.

Etiquette and Values Club The club focuses on strengthening the confidence and esteem of its members, thus enhancing their overall personality by acquainting them with morals and refined social behaviour.

Music Club A space for students to explore their musical interests and experiment with different styles and genres of music. This can help them develop their creativity and express themselves through music.

Sports Club Promote physical health and vital life skills like teamwork, leadership, and self-confidence.

Dance Club Encourage artistic expression, creativity, and good posture through dance.

Art and Craft Club Foster creativity, problem-solving, and unconventional thinking through artistic endeavours.

Cookery Club Explore the culinary world, blending science, language, and the joy of sharing delicious creations.

At Rajashree SMM School, our focus is on developing individuals who possess not just academic prowess but also empathy and a sense of social responsibility. We invite you to join us on this educational adventure where we combine excellence with values, empowering students to become their very best selves.