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Ms. Bindu Felix English Department
Ms. Bindu Felix leads the English Department with an unwavering passion for literature and language. Her commitment to fostering a love for reading, writing, and effective communication is reflected in the vibrant and engaging learning environment she cultivates within the department.
Ms. Sreeja Jinuraj Malayalam Department
As the head of the Malayalam Department, Ms. Sreeja Jinuraj brings a deep appreciation for the rich cultural and linguistic heritage of Malayalam. Her leadership is marked by a dedication to instilling a sense of pride in the language and a commitment to nurturing proficient language skills among students.
Ms. Saritha V R Hindi Department
Ms. Saritha V R leads the Hindi Department with enthusiasm and a commitment to promoting the beauty and significance of the Hindi language. Her focus extends beyond language proficiency to instilling cultural awareness and fostering a holistic understanding of the language.
Ms. Latha V G Sanskrit Department
Headed by Ms. Latha V G, the Sanskrit Department underlines the timeless importance of Sanskrit literature and philosophy. Ms. Latha is dedicated to making the study of Sanskrit an enriching and meaningful experience, emphasizing its cultural and historical significance.
Ms. Anisha Padmakumar Science Department
Ms. Anisha Padmakumar leads the Science Department with a dynamic approach to cultivating scientific curiosity and critical thinking. Her leadership is characterized by innovative teaching methods, fostering a spirit of inquiry, and preparing students for the challenges and wonders of the scientific world.
Ms. Jayasree N A Mathematics Department
The Mathematics Department, under the guidance of Ms. Jayasree N A, is a hub of logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Ms. Jayasree's leadership focuses on demystifying the world of mathematics, making it accessible and enjoyable for students while nurturing a strong foundation in mathematical concepts.
Ms. Preethi R Social Science Department:
Ms. Preethi R leads the Social Science Department with a commitment to instilling a deep understanding of human society, history, and geography. Her leadership emphasizes the interconnectedness of social sciences and encourages students to explore and appreciate the complexities of the world.
Ms. Dhanya Dinesh Computer Science Department
Ms. Dhanya Dinesh heads the Computer Science Department, driving innovation and technological literacy. Her leadership focuses on preparing students for the digital age, fostering coding skills, and nurturing a comprehensive understanding of computer science principles.
Ms. Sheeba Gopi Art and Craft Department:
Ms. Sheeba Gopi's leadership in the Art and Craft Department is marked by creativity and a commitment to nurturing artistic expression. Her department provides a space for students to explore their artistic talents, fostering a love for aesthetics and creativity.
Mr. Vishnu Mohan Physical Education Department
Mr. Vishnu Mohan, at the helm of the Physical Education Department, instills a passion for fitness, sportsmanship, and overall well-being. He is a dedicated leader in the Physical Education Department, brings a unique specialization in football to the forefront. With a passion for the sport, he not only fosters physical fitness and well-being but also instills a love for football among students.