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About us

Welcome to Rajashree SM Memorial, where education is an exciting journey of holistic development. As your gateway to quality learning in a co-educational English medium CBSE environment, we are dedicated to empowering students with a dynamic academic curriculum.
Join us in unlocking the full potential of every student's educational experience.

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Experience academic excellence with our CBSE-aligned curriculum, which ensures a robust foundation in core subjects while innovative teaching methods and technology integration create an engaging learning environment.


Our Arts program invites students to explore, express, and innovate. Join us in cultivating a vibrant atmosphere that celebrates individuality and innovation.


We believe in the power of sports to instill discipline, teamwork, and resilience. Join us in a dynamic environment where students develop the skills for success on and off the field.


Our Rajashree students embody the key principles shaping their journey to unlock boundless potential. Discover the foundation of our transformative education, inspiring a future of limitless achievements.


Motivated and Innovative

Our students are empowered to be motivated thinkers and innovative creators,to conquer challenges and explore endless possibilities. Join us in shaping bright minds that are full of energy and ideas, to shape a future filled with endless possibilities!


Discipline and Teamwork

With unwavering Discipline and a spirit of Teamwork, our students pave the way to excellence. Here, success is a team effort, where every disciplined step contributes to collective triumphs. Join our community, where disciplined bodies and collaborative teams thrive, propelling students toward extraordinary achievements.


Reverence and Purpose

Our aim is to empower each student with a profound SPIRIT defined by Reverence and Purpose—a commitment to learning with respect and a clear sense of direction, that guides them towards making meaningful contributions in the world.


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Rajashree SMM School hold its head high among the pristine surroundings of East Kadungalloor. It has spread its wings over 3 acres of lush greenery. The school curriculum includes activities aiming.

Admission overview

Discover a nurturing environment, a CBSE-aligned curriculum, and a vibrant community dedicated to academic excellence. Explore our application process, transparent admission requirements, and essential dates that unlock the doors to a world-class education. Your exciting educational journey begins here!

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